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Please read the following carefully as the following Terms and Conditions are binding to all Digital and Physical goods sold on JustUpc.com. By completing a purchase on JustUpc.com, you are agreeing to reading and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

It is often recommended to save a copy of these Terms and Conditions for your reference.

JustUpc.com will be referred to as JustUpc in the sections below.
Universal Product Code will be abbreviated as UPC in the sections below.

1.0 Product Association and Categorization

Products are categorization at JustUpc.com as Digital and Physical goods.
Digital goods encompasses all downloadable products which reside on a digital storage media, such as a hard drive or flash drive.
Physical goods encompasses all products which are deliver via mail and can be physically touched. JustUpc at times sells Physical Goods tied to Digital Goods. For example, a UPC barcode can be delivered in the form of a UPC label. In these situations, the UPC barcode remains classified as a Digital Good and the label itself is classified as a Physical Good and the Terms and Conditions below apply to the respective categorization.

1.1 Assumptions and Conditions

Products sold by JustUpc in no way contain assumptions of Warranty, Product Rights, or claims outside of what is detailed in this document. All warranties and product rights are outline in this document and the information held in this document is considered the single source of truth for warranties, product and consumer rights, and claims.

2.0 Rights to Digital Products

The purchaser of Digital Products from JustUpc has full rights to use, reproduce, distribute and resell the digital products. JustUpc does not monitor or track the usage of the digital products sold and purchased through the web store front.
Digital Products which are distributed to other parties or individuals remain bounded by the conditions outlined in this document. Digital Products purchased from JustUpc will always maintain bounded to the conditions outline in this document.
JustUpc is not responsible for any claims made by resellers of any product originally provided by JustUpc.

2.1 Rights to UPC Digital Products

The purchaser of UPC Digital Products from JustUpc inherits all of the rights of general Digital Products as well as the right to label products sold by the purchaser with the UPC codes as they see fit. The purchaser agrees to use only the range of UPC numbers assign to them by JustUpc and agrees to not infringe on other UPCs sold by JustUpc.
In the case that a purchaser uses UPCs outside of their assigned UPCs, the purchaser may have their purchase voided by JustUpc and their UPCs unassociated with their company.

2.2 Returns for Digital Products

All Digital Products sold through JustUpc have a 60-day customer satisfaction return policy. If the purchaser of Digital Products is unsatisfied in any way by the products obtained through JustUpc, they are entitled to request a return within 60-days of finalizing a purchase on JustUpc.
After the approval of a return on Digital Products, the purchaser loses all rights to the Digital Product and it becomes the possession of JustUpc. The purchaser agrees to immediately cease the use of Digital Products and remove the Digital Products from their storage media. If the purchaser is found to continue to use Digital Products after the return has been accepted, JustUpc reserves the right to immediately revoke the return and reject future return requests from the customer.
Returns will be granted at the discretion of JustUpc and JustUpc reserves the right the reject returns for any reason. Typical reasons for rejected returns can include but are not limited to:

2.3 Liabilities for Digital Products

At no point in time will JustUpc be liable for damages exceeding the cost of the initial purchase from JustUpc.
There is no warranty or assumed liability in any products sold by JustUpc. By purchasing products from JustUpc, the purchaser assumes all liabilities for damages or costs which may be in some way associated with the products purchased from JustUpc.

2.4 Liabilities for UPC Digital Products

UPC Digital Products inherit all the conditions of liabilities of regular Digital Products (Section 2.3) as well as the following conditions.
The purchaser assumes full responsibility for reading and understanding the Terms and Conditions for eCommerce platforms in where the UPC Digital Product sold by JustUpc will be used. JustUpc is not responsible or liable for any issues or costs from the invalid use or violation of Terms and Conditions of other websites when using the UPC Digital Products sold by JustUpc.

3.0 Rights to Physical Products

The purchaser of Physical Products from JustUpc has full rights to use, distribute, and resell physical products. JustUpc does not monitor or track the usage of physical products sold and purchased through the web store front.
Physical products resold will not be held liable for any claims made by resellers and the reseller assumes all liability in reselling physical products.

3.0 Privacy Policies

JustUpc has a strict Privacy Policy and agrees to not willing disclose or distribute user information provided during transactions or interactions with the JustUpc web storefront. There are some exceptions to this policy as follows:

JustUpc utilizes many best practices in terms of internet security however, JustUpc is not liable for data breaches or security issues for anything short of absolute gross negligence. JustUpc will contact affected customers hastily as soon as a breach is discovered.
Customer Privacy is extremely important at JustUpc and we continue to utilize and secure all aspects of our web presence to prevent unauthorized access of sensitive information.

3.1 Payment Information

Payment information such as credit card numbers are considered extremely sensitive by JustUpc. JustUpc does not store this information in any way, shape, or form.
Payments involving credit cards use a third party payment processor company, Stripe. JustUpc simply acts as a relay for extremely sensitive information such as credit card numbers and relies on Stripe for safe storage and usage of this information. A user which selects credit card as a payment method has been assumed to accept and agree to Stripe's privacy policy.
PayPal is also used as a Payment Method at JustUpc and a user is assumed to accept and agree to PayPal's privacy policy if PayPal is selected as a payment method.

4.0 Terms and Condition

The purchaser, user, or visitor of this website agrees to the Terms and Conditions outline in this document.

4.1 Amendments

This document may be amended at anytime, changes made to this document outside of spelling and grammar fixes will be communicated via email to all customers. Customers reserve the right to revoke their subscription from such updates as they see fit.

5.0 Operating

The website JustUpc is operated by Bello Enterprises LLC.

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