Frequently Asked Questions

What annual fee do I have to pay on these barcodes?

Our barcodes (UPC/EAN) come with ZERO annual fees. Once you purchase your barcodes from us, they are yours for life!

What do I get with my order?

We provide the following files with every order in a convenient ZIP file format:

  • Comma Delimited CSV and TXT files
  • Excel Compatible XLS file
  • Printable Barcode Images (300 DPI) in PNG and EPS files
  • Certificate of Issuance in PDF format

Do I get Printable Barcode Images?

We are excited to now offer printable barcode images! This means you will get printable UPCs that you will be able to print immediately after your order! We provide both PNG & EPS format files with every order.

Does JustUpc offer UPC barcode printing?

We currently do not offer printing, we do however provide printable barcode images. We recommend using a specialized product like a DYMO Thermal Printer as DYMO provides software that allows you to easily copy and paste UPC codes and print out multiple codes.

All the equipment you need to print UPC codes yourself is below:

DYMO Thermal Printer - Amazon
DYMO Labels - Amazon

How can I assign attributes to my barcodes?

Unforuntely, there are many different issues with answering this question. First off: there is no designated database with all the attributes associated with a barcode. Most retail stores have their own POS software and have to manually scan in new items by their UPCs, they then manually enter many of the information to POS specific formats. The most popular UPC code database is the database (GEPIR), however due to the difficulty surrounding maintaining up to date UPC codes, their database is mostly out of date and is difficult for third-parties to query from their systems. Most phone scanning apps use a mixture of Google Shopping / Amazon / Walmart product lists to figure out the attributes associated with a barcode.
Therefore, the simpliest way to get attributes associated with your barcode is by listing your product on one of the major retailers websites. This will allow you to at least scan your product and see results show up on a phone.

The Future

We are partnering with SPIN codes which is a identification code market disruptor and aims to make a centrialized identification system with up to date information. All JustUpc purchases will get awarded an equal amount of SPIN codes for free to accelerate this market adoption. If you order UPC codes today, keep an eye out for an email from us in the future with your SPIN codes.

I don't see my question listed here, how do we contact you?

You can contact us at alex at or by sending us a message through your Account Overview / Messages screen.