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We offer official GS1 barcodes at a discounted bulk price. We source our barcodes from special auctions and clearing houses. There is a 100% guarantee on all of our barcodes and if there is any issue with any one of them, we will replace the whole lot for FREE!

Pay For Themselves

Within 6 months of not paying the GS1 Annual Fee, our barcodes pay for themselves as opposed to purchasing directly through GS1.

Amazon, eBay, Magneto, eCommerce

We love eCommerce, in fact, we sell items on eBay and Amazon ourselves. These UPCs are 100% guaranteed to work on Amazon, eBay, or any eCommerce website. We run validation algorithms to verify that our UPCs are not used on most major marketplaces.

The GS1 Alternative

Have you seen how much barcodes are when you buy them through GS1 directly? It's no wonder that most of us after import duties, shipping costs, marketplace fees, and so forth just don't have the margin to afford a $500+ investment for just a few UPC codes. Our advantage is our ability to source barcodes through special auctions and clearing houses. This gives us the ability to offer the small business community an alternative to GS1.

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Shreyas Uthkarsh

Quick and easy website to get barcodes! Website was super smooth and the barcodes were in excel format. A++++

Katie Johnson

I recommend this site for anyone looking to buy barcodes. It's really simple to use. Thanks Just Upc!

Joey Markes

After looking through a bunch of other UPC websites and seeing their prices and super sketchy websites, it was a relief finding Just Upc and the checkout experience was flawless!